MountainWest Overthrust Pipeline

Working safely while constructing the pipeline

Emergency Phone Number: 800-300-2025(24-hour service)

INGAA:  Interstate Natural Gas Association of America


Safety matters at MountainWest Overthust Pipeline

At MountainWest Overthust Pipeline safety is a top priority, a source of pride and a matter of corporate policy. These policies are carried out in specific and universal ways. For example, safety professionals provide ongoing employee safety evaluations, deliver safety training, conduct rigorous system inspections and testing. MountainWest Overthust Pipeline employees and contractors also carry out maintenance, perform repair and replacement programs, distribute public safety information and comply with a wide range of federal and state safety regulations and requirements.

MountainWest Overthust Pipeline is committed to a healthy and safe work environment for our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate. To ensure the commitment is implemented, we will:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable health and safety laws and standards;
  • Continuously improve efforts to identify, eliminate and manage risks to health and safety;
  • Ensure that managers and supervisors are responsible for providing a safe workplace;
  • Ensure that each employee is responsible for preventing accidents and maintaining a safe work environment;
  • Confirm that employee, contractor, customer and community safety is integral to every job; and
  • Provide trained, professional employees to support health and safety policies and procedures.


Pipeline Safety Information

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